400 E. Orange St.
Santa Maria, CA 93454


“After driving all over the Central Coast in search of really good olive oil, I’ve recently had the pleasure of trying the best olive oil I have ever tasted. And it’s local! It’s the Santa Maria Olive Oil Company. Meeting the Claytons’ and experiencing the hospitality of their family while touring their olive orchard was a treat in itself, but what I experienced when I tasted the olive oil can’t even be expressed in words. Just smiles! Not only does the taste make it remarkable, but thankfully the Clayton family is dedicated to offering only the best in quality. (It’s good for you!) The list of health benefits is long. Being someone who appreciates healthy, non-gmo & organic foods, I felt compelled to give my testimonial. What they are doing right here in Santa Maria by making this world-class olive oil is exciting! We locals don’t have to drive far to get this superior olive oil! This Christmas I have the perfect gift to give to people I care about: I’m giving as many bottles of Santa Maria Olive Oil to my loved ones, family & neighbors as I possibly can.”

Elizabeth T

“I have been using the olive oil from Santa Maria Olive Co. for 6 months. I use it on a daily basis due to the health benefits of it. I use it to cook with as well as I drizzle it on top of most of my food. I love the taste and feel as though it’s helping me to feel better. I understand that a good olive oil can help with issues such as Heart disease, inflammation, and sun damage just to name a few. I also read that it can even help to regulate your insulin better. I have tried many brands of olive oil and by far Santa Maria Olive Co. Is the best. Also what’s important to me and my family is the fact that its grown without chemicals.”

Tom M

“For many years now I switched from using regular vegetable oil to using “olive oil” “olive oil blends”. I guess the older I am I have became more conscience about what I am feeding my family. Not until recently that I was approached to taste a homegrown local olive oil, “THE SANTA MARIA OLIVE CO”. I was given a short lesson on acidity levels and the health benefits. Then I decided to do a little research of my own. I went back into my cupboard and look at my own olive oil and went to the stores to read the descriptions. I was surprised to find out that the bottle I had was a mixture of different oils including a large percentage of canola, here I am thinking I am getting 100% Virgin. I compared the taste on both and well I was indulged on how much I could taste the olive and not a vegetable oil. When cooking with oil little amount is needed. Many of us are sold on the 100% label, but people really need to read on the actual ingredients. So far this has been the best olive oil in years that I have tasted and I am assured that I will be using in all my foods, keeping my family and my health in mind first.”

Sandra S

“I’ve been using olive oil for many years, that is all I cook with, and I have to say that Santa Maria Olive Co is the best olive oil I’ve EVER had. It has such an amazing taste and I love that’s it’s organic. I will be letting all my friends know about this olive oil……FANTASTIC”

Noemy B

“I used Olive oil for a very long time, once I heard and seen that the Santa Maria Olive co is healthier then other olive oils I switched to it, all I can say it that its very good”

Liliana R